As we are talking specifically about older and old LGBT+ people it is really important to consider what their lives and experiences may have been in the past. People in their 80’s now would have been in their 20’s in the 1960’s. If you refer back to the 70 Years film you can extract the context for these people in their younger days.

You may choose to screen the 70 Years film for your colleagues – we have found that the length of it (22 mins) does not impact adversely on the effect but be aware that people can find it quite ‘intense’ on a first viewing. We usually assign a task at the beginning so that they are encouraged to focus down – for example, we may choose one of the composite characters, such as Louise – and ask a group to consider the issues which arise for her as she needs to access your organisation’s services in later life.

There are lots of stories and histories – keep an eye out for these and include them in your delivery. SAND’s 70 Years film gives a good overview but is certainly not definitive, for example it misses the military experience – see Fighting with Pride to pick up some of this: Fighting with Pride.

Take the time to watch documentaries, docu-dramas and dramatized representations of LGBT lives, for example:
It’ Not Unusual – A Lesbian & Gay History (Parts 1-3)
A Very British Sex Scandal (Parts 1-5)
It’s a Sin

We try to keep our resource bank up to date with video clips and links to publicly available pertinent information.
Find your own favourite websites and Facebook groups and go to local events.