This page holds the voices of local LGBT+ people who have taken the plunge and volunteered to take part in some of our more creative ideas!

Sandy Island Discs

In September 2021, as a fringe activity at one of our events, 4 individuals took part in this great opportunity to talk to Radio Shropshire Presenter Paul Shuttleworth. Here are their recordings – complete with little extracts of their song/musical choices – they are absolute gems! Click on one of the names below to listen in.

Creative Conversations:

From 2020-2022, SAND worked with Arts Alive, Media Active and local artists on 2 Creative Conversations Projects

The first project brought LGBT people together on Zoom to explore the theme of ‘if I could give a message to my younger self – what would it be? They met twice, discussing thoughts and ideas, inspired by the request to interpret these in a newspaper headline or a montage. Artist Dea Paradisos and technician Richard Benjamin then worked their wizzardry.

For the second project, participants were invited to pair up across generations and watch old film footage – in this case The Celluloid Closet – to prompt their own creative conversations. Dea and Richard then brought these together  in an original film – offering something truly unique and engaging.

Project 1

Project 2