Rainbow Lottery

SAND has signed up to the UK’s first ever Rainbow Lottery: https://www.rainbowlottery.co.uk/support/sand

Tickets cost just £1 a week and SAND receives 50p for every ticket sold via our page. Each ticket has a 1 in 50 chance to win a prize each week, with a top prize of £25,000! That’s a better chance of winning than the National Lottery or the Health Lottery.

Each ticket has six numbers and each number is between 0 and 9. There will be a draw every Saturday night when a six digit winning combination will be picked. Prizes will be given to players with tickets that match the first or last 2 to 6 numbers from the winning combination. Match all six and you win the jackpot!


Well-wishers is the great name for our Donations scheme where we encourage people like you to donate a bit of something on a regular basis – click here to download the form: Well-wisher standing order

As SAND exists on project funding and a bit of income from training delivery, these donations go a long way to helping with the regular costs of keeping a small community oriented organisation going.

We are keen to encourage lots of smaller donations to contribute to a substantial whole, so please feel free to donate what you can manage as those pounds add up.

Donate the price of a cup of coffee a month – it means the world to us!


You can donate to SAND via PayPal. Just click the button and follow the steps:

Donate via PayPal

Easy Fundraising (doesn’t cost you a penny extra)

Easyfundraising is a free and easy way to raise money while you shop online. It costs you absolutely nothing, but makes a huge difference to SAND. You simply add a plug-in to your browser, and when you start shopping at a participating website, easyfundraising pops up with a reminder to donate.

Participating stores include Amazon, Etsy, eBay, M&S, Just Eat, and many, many others.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Join – Go to SAND’s profile page on Easyfundraising and click ‘Create an Account’. Sign up with one of your social media accounts, or email and password.
  2. Shop – Click ‘Add the Donation Reminder’. You’ll see your browser’s plug-ins page. Click ‘Install’ (or ‘Add to Chrome’ or similar). You should see the easyfundraising icon appear near the address bar in your browser.
  3. Collect – From travel to toasters, every time you shop online at a participating store, easyfundraising will remind you to donate at no extra cost.

Please give easyfundraising a try. Will you become our number one fundraiser?


Easyfundraising plug-in icon next to Firefox address bar
When the Easyfundraising plug-in is installed on Firefox, the icon appears to the right of the address bar.