Some people think we don’t exist!

Since 2014, SAND has been talking to – and running LGBT+ awareness training for – hundreds of people that work in health, social care, advice and support services for older people across Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin. It has been an interesting and inspiring experience for us and for them, but we have repeatedly been hearing astonishing phrases like

It has never occurred to me that there are old LGBT people

This has come from all sorts of people – from NHS consultants – to housing support workers including those with LGBT+ family members.

As a result, we are running ‘The Wave Project’ – a campaign-based project specifically to increase the visibility and profile of older and old LGBT+ people – and we need your help.

We’d love to add your picture to our collection if you:

  • identify as LGBT+
  • are aged 50 to 100 (or older)
  • live, work or play in Shropshire, Telford and/or Wrekin
Betty on scooter in front of classic red post box
Black-and-white photo of Helen, Jane, Lisa and Liesa at the beach
Sal on her bike, posing on a footbridge over the river Severn

The idea is to get lots of pictures of people giving a wave to anyone out there, our friends, allies, as well as those who think we somehow cease to exist after a certain age.


How would you like to do it? Will it be you on your own or you with friends or colleagues?

How do you want to be seen? Having dinner together, or out with your dog for a walk, in your work uniform or in a wetsuit about to take the plunge?


We know not everyone feels comfortable and safe being fully ‘out’ so there are lots of ways that you can still take part. An anonymous picture is fine, or you could take a silhouette against a very bright light or with your hand giving a wave partly in front of your face or if you’re feeling creative, make a masquerade-style mask, however you feel comfortable.

You can take a selfie on your phone, ask a friend to take a picture to send us. We are also going to be running a couple of sessions with a photographer that you could come along to (place and times to be confirmed).

We want to include your age, (you can be precise or give a broad indication, like ‘in my 70s’). Also, we’d like to include a few lines with each photo about who you are and / or why you want to be part of this or why you chose to show yourself in the way that you have.

We will launch this collection at an exhibition in a gallery in central Shrewsbury in 2023 and it will be shown elsewhere in the county too.

If you’re interested and would like to find out more contact james@lgbtsand.com or phone 01743 590023.

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