This page focuses on what LGBT+ people over the age of 50 who live, work and/or play in Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin can do to make ageing experiences as good as possible – for them, their peers, friends and associates.

We are aware that ‘ageing’ is not something that we all want to think about and that we don’t always consider ourselves as being ‘older’ or ‘old’.

Having said that, there are some steps to take in our lives which are:

  • a good idea – like making a Will and talking to others about what is important to us.
  • essential – if we need care and support to help us with the day-to-day then – we need care and support!
  • better options than others – so perhaps adapting our own home to meet our needs, rather than moving.

These things potentially face everybody as we age – and this is only a small example of a fairly long list.

Key life events can occur at any time, which mean that our lives can change quite suddenly, so it can be helpful to have conversations and do some planning beforehand – like now!

Especially, as LGBT+ people are quite often less likely to do anything until we have to, for a whole load of complicated reasons!

READ ON – to find out how you can help. Oh and keep checking back, because we will add to this page as the year progresses.

Meet up with other LGBT+ people over the age of 50 for a chat.

Shropshire Senior Rainbow Friends gather on the fourth Wednesday of each month at Palmers Cafe in central Shrewsbury 2 – 4pm.

Drop us a line if you’d like to know more: Contact Us

  • Learn more about what has been happening – in 2023, SAND produced an information booklet called SAND Matters which told our story and gave an overview of the EMBRACE project. You can download a copy here: SAND Matters. Have a read, share it with someone, start a conversation, get in touch.
  • Keep talking – a key message from our journey is to keep talking about this stuff. Keep asking questions and keep telling stories, sharing experiences and ideas. The more we share, the more usual we become.
  • Support the organisations that have made pledges to be more inclusive – if you need some care or support, take a look at the EMBRACE Inclusion Matters Booklet or the Covenantees Page on this website and get in touch with organisations which have signed up to EMBRACE A Culture of Inclusion. Ask them questions, talk to them about EMBRACE, tell them what you need, what you expect and what is important to you.
  • Be an educator – SAND has been connecting with organisations across the county to support them to be more inclusive and provide better experiences. They don’t always get it right but the ones which have been working with us are ready to learn and to improve when they get things wrong. If you get an unsatisfactory answer, or have an unsatisfactory experience – then let them know and stick with them to help them to do things better.
  • Hold organisations to account – SAND will soon be publishing the Inclusion Matters booklet which contains information from those local organisations committed to inclusive practice. You can follow up and ask them how they are getting on with their actions and engage them in conversations.
  • Be counted – the National Institute of Health Research has launched a website where any member of the public can sign up and indicate which topics they might be interested in hearing about. As LGBT+ voices are seldom heard and the experiences of older and old LGBT+ people are rarely recorded, this is a great way to become part of the ‘usual’. Have a look – it’s called the Be part of Research.

Prefer a regular telephone chat? 

REACH – AgeUK’s telefriending service specifically for older and old LGBT+ people

Telephone: 01743 233123

Or, if you would prefer to come to SAND first then Contact Us

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