Being ‘excluded’, being ‘not included’ and ‘being included’ are all different experiences which have a range of impact on people and their well-being.

Being deliberately excluded – organisations which overtly say that it is not OK to be LGBT+, which discriminate against people because of sexual orientation or gender identity.

Being not included – can occur when people have not even thought about LGBT+ people existing, or do not carry a thought through, so we can look on websites and in organisational literature and not see ourselves. The assumption is always of a heterosexual, binary world.

Being included – is what we are aiming for, when we can actually see ourselves and LGBT+ lives are ‘usualised’ which can have a hugely positive impact on our well-being.

“How would I know that I would feel safe and comfortable approaching your organisation for support, advice or a service?”

As part of SAND’s Campaign to EMBRACE A Culture of Inclusion, we are encouraging health & social care providers and other organisations, groups and services which people may need or want to access as they age – to make ‘pledges’.

These ‘pledges’ are practical actions to ensure their service is welcoming and inclusive (see information on the left). These pledges will take the form of a Covenant, to be revisited and celebrated.

What is The Covenant?

Groups and organisations in Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin sign up to 5 broad commitments and agree an annual action plan for change. Participating groups and organisations will then be invited to feedback progress and share their next year plan at an annual event.

The 5 Commitments
  1. Commit to providing the best possible quality services for older and old LGBT+ people
  2. Commit to learning what life can be – and has been – like for different LGBT+ people.
  3. Commit to vocally and visually supporting groups working with and for older and old LGBT+ people
  4. Commit to creating meaningful opportunities for LGBT+ people and groups to ‘influence’ what you do
  5. Commit to assess and evidence change, including work carried out to engage LGBT+ people (within the group/organisation and outside it)
The Action Plan

The action plan should be based on what is realistic in terms of size, capacity and available resources. The plan would:

  • Outline why you are undertaking this work
  • Outline specific actions
  • Identify the changes that would result from these actions
  • Identify the evidence to be collected to illustrate the changes
Sign up to The Covenant here

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    Resources to help you

    What SAND can currently provide (and we expect this list to grow)