A searchable library of predominantly UK publications, videos and articles pertinent to SAND’s work. Please browse and feel free to let us know if there is a title missing from our collection.

Es and Flo

Publisher: What’s On Stage

Date: 27 Aug 2020

Country: UK

Length: 06:51

Comments: Extract of play which follows a lesbian couple that has secretly been in love and living together for over 30 years. One of the pair then begins show signs of dementia.

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Pauline & Hilary’s Vow – ‘Whatever it takes, we are in it together’

Publisher: Alzheimer’s Society

Date: 9 March 2023

Country: UK

Length: 02:36

Comments: In 1971, Hilary vowed to stay with Pauline in sickness and in health. They were able to fulfil their dream of becoming ‘wife and wife’ in 2017, after the law was passed making same sex marriage legal. Only two years after their wedding, Pauline was diagnosed with Vascular Dementia. Since then, Alzhemier’s Society’s Dementia Advisers have been providing them with regular guidance and support.

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Young girl looks out of kitchen window

Publisher: Film London

Date: 2017

Country: UK

Length: 12:05

Comments: A short documentary about the only helpline in the UK for gay farmers. Through a series of recorded telephone conversations and reconstructive visuals, the film uses the helpline as a lens through which to view the experiences of LGBTQ people in the British farming community.

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