Just like ‘Spring Watch’ – but different! If you identify as LGBT+ then we need you for this mini-project. Over the months of August and September 2023, we’d like you to keep a note of all the times that you ‘come out’ – and all the times that you choose not to come out.

Over the past 10 years we have increasingly realised that it is a little recognised phenomenon that, as LGBT+ people, we ‘come out’ – or choose not to – over and over again. We want to know more about it and gathering a whole load of examples is a first foray. So, go grab a notebook, or set up a note on your phone – and keep a track.

You can also submit your in the form below or send them to sal@lgbtsand.com

To help this thought along, check out this original song on the subject, called ‘Fools Fact’, by singer-song-writer and workshop facilitator Beth Prior. The song was created following a workshop on the theme of ‘Coming Out’, which took place during the 2023 Shrewsbury LGBT+ History Festival.

    Coming Out Experience Log

    • “I was just shopping with my girlfriend, a stallholder asked if we were sisters. I just let it go, I couldn’t be bothered to get into the conversation”

    • “A salesman rocked up at the door—he asked to speak to my wife. I told him he could try my husband. He didn’t seem to understand so I had to spell it out. It gets a bit boring”

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