In The Café – Get-togethers with a theme
for Lesbians, Gay men, Bi and Trans people over 50
At Palmers Café in Shrewsbury SY1 1QG 25th May 2 – 4pm.

It’s a chance to chat, share information and talk about things that affect LGBT+ people as we age. Come along for a warm welcome and interesting conversations.

“I’m making a Plan for those who’d want to help if I could no longer speak up for myself.”
Ever thought of writing down what’s important to you – otherwise how would anybody know what you’d want? What if you were involved in an accident or got dementia? What if the worst happened?
Come and meet with others who are exploring how to make a start.

We’ll talk about things like Living Wills and the difference between Advance Statements and Advance Decisions? What does ‘Next of Kin’ mean when for you? We’ll look at what is particular to LGBT+ people’s experiences that makes planning even more important.

When hit by grief or the sudden news of a life-changing diagnosis, the last thing you need is to start these conversations from scratch – about things like how much medical intervention’s ok for you, where you want to be cared for or buried.
‘I wish I’d made her sit down and talk about all of this long before we needed it. The little time we had left shouldn’t have been taken up with sorting out paperwork.’

Bring your questions like, what about if you’d never got around to a Civil Partnership or Marriage? Could this mean being excluded from your loved one’s bedside, from having a say in medical or care decisions, or even being able to arrange a funeral? Many people talk a least a little about this with their partner, but what if you’re not in a relationship or your partner is no longer around?

Come and meet Helen, an End of Life Doula, whose job is to help people think about this, talk about it and when they’re ready, make a start putting plans in place. Some of us will just be exploring, but others will be able to share their experience of having made a start.

‘It’s easier to share your wishes when they are written down. Having a Plan also helps assert your wishes.  It shows evidence of what was discussed and intended.”

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Did you know, you can get help with transport costs and arrangements when coming to SAND events.


or call 01743 590023 to find out more.

Local map with car parks; the nearest is the Pay and Display car park right next to Palmer's

We met in March to look at “Mapping What’s On that’s LGBT-friendly in Shropshire”

A small friendly group to start with, very welcoming and lots to chat about. It did high-light how few LGBT+ friendly groups and places we knew of in wider Shropshire, so some people are thinking about approaching organisations or businesses either in their local area or in their particular area of interest, to see whether they would like to ‘fly the flag’ – as being positively LGBT friendly.

When asked what they might say to encourage others to come, they said:
’Come and have cake, conversation and coffee with SAND’


At our last event in April we had Susan Palin from Wrekin Housing coming to help us decide whether to ‘Spend it or Save for my Old Age?’ people said, “I felt very cared for”, “ a lovely 2 hour with new friends” and that it was “ very informative and useful”.
‘As we meet again, the atmosphere will become even more friendly and welcoming’
It was ‘very welcoming and friendly’
Where I ‘renewed friendships, met new people’